The term ‘rewilding’ made its way into photography from an unusual origin: conservation biology. There, it describes the efforts to roll back human interference with nature. The idea is to give ecosystems more room, so that the plants and animals in it can thrive.
The idea is actually rather simple: Our modern lives have isolated us from the nature surrounding us. Contemporary city-dwellers are encompassed not by trees and fresh air, but by concrete and exhaust fumes. Spending our days hunched over laptop computers and eating unhealthy food is the norm—and something that ruins both our health and our attention spans, adherents to rewilding believe.

2 thoughts on “Rewilding

  1. I love the term rewilding – it makes perfect sense to me. Luckily I live in an area where rewilding is part of every new construction area i.e. making plenty of room for green spaces or returning disused parcels of land to the original state before white settlement in Melbourne. Our coastal areas are restored and conserved as nature reserves or natural marshlands/saltbush.

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