16 thoughts on “This is why I live in the Midwest

  1. Thank you for following, KayeRay. Over here in PA this Winter, we have not gotten any snow to mention. We usually get snow, but this year is different for some reason. Snow like you get only happens once in a while. I know that it get’s quite cold in the Midwest. Nice snow Images you have there. Stay warm.

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    1. Hi Les…yes we do get snow and lots of bitter cold weather. I thought you always got a lot in PA but maybe I’m thinking more like NY or NJ. I think they just had a blizzard.

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      1. Hi KayeRay – Here in PA we really don’t get lot’s of snow, as a rule. Once in a while we get a nasty storm but it’s not that much. NY is the one who get’s so much snow around the Buffalo area. I have a Navy buddy that lives in Buffalo, NY and he’s got over 4 feet of it, so far! There is more Lake effect snow coming!


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