The Clive Greenbelt Trail

The Clive Greenbelt Trail is an 11.3 mile urban recreational trail that is located in Clive, Iowa and forms part of the Central Iowa Trails network.  It is a very busy, curvy, concrete and p

Clive Greenbelt Trail: Iowa Tourism Map, Travel Guide, Things to Do: Travel  Iowa
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Paved asphalt trail that runs through Polk and Dallas counties in Iowa.  
The trail begins at 73rd Street and Walnut Creek at the Walmart in Windsor Heights.  Hikers are able to access many of the parks, libraries and the aquatic center by way of the many trails which also have mile markers and route directions to help you on your way.  
The trail meanders along the north bank of Walnut Creek for 5.5 miles to Country Club Blvd.  Between the Lake Country Club dam and 142nd Street, the trail is on the street near the northshore of Lake Country Club for 0.75 miles.  For the next 1.7 miles the trail travels between 1900 142nd Street and Lions Park which is near Eason Elementary School in Waukee.  In western Clive, more trails are being developed north of Hickman Road.  Additional links and branches bring the total trail mileage to 11.3 miles.
A ll trail hikers are welcome to the many beautiful parks located throughout the city of Clive.  You can visit the Greenbelt Park and Trail from neighborhood connection points or from the several trail heads accessible with parking sites for your car.  You are welcome to take a stroll, jog, ride your bike or rollerblade and enjoy all the natural scenery that is abundant in the 297 acres of this premier park in the city of Clive.

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